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Textured and Acid Stained Concrete

Acid stain is not a paint or coating agent, rather, it's a colouring process involving a chemical reaction on a cementitious material. A solution made with water, acid and inorganic salts reacts with minerals already present in the concrete, the result of this reaction is colour. It works very well on new or old concrete, and we've seen impressive results over decorative polymer overlays as well as self-levelling products. Acid stain is a very durable product if properly protected with sealer or wax, and it can be applied to both interiors and exteriors.

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Please refer to our Acid Stained Concrete page.

Acid Stained Concrete Stairway

Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete is a term that describes a glossy, decorative concrete option that leaves the concrete surface finish 'exposed' yet polished in appearance. The versitility of polished concrete allows for customers to choose from a variety of finishes and sheens which is no more slippery than an average floor tile and is extremely resistant to wear and scratches. Why not select a concrete finish that looks like a more expensive floor surface that has been made from marble or granite!

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Internal Marble Look Polished Concrete Floor

Concrete Driveways

An attractive driveway no longer requires costly stones, bricks and materials. Choose a concrete driveway with one of the many available concrete finishes and you will have one of the most attractive and easy to maintain driveways in the street. Choose from acid stained concrete patterns, pebble and stone patterns, customised colours or you might just want a more traditional concrete driveway with brick headers as shown in the picture below.

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Please refer to our Concrete Driveways page.

Concrete Driveway

Concrete Slabs And Other Concrete Works

Artistique Concrete's products are not just limited to textured, stained and polished concrete. Other works includes:

  • Footings, Piering, Columns
  • Ground slabs, Infill slabs, Raft slabs, Suspended slabs, Garage slabs
  • Acid Stained Concrete, Hard wearing finishes, anti-slip surfaces, Polished Concrete, stained texture finishes
  • Stairs, Balconies
  • Patios, Courtyards, Walkways, Concrete Driveways, Car Parks
  • Subdivisions, Council crossings and laybacks
  • Kerb and gutters, Roadways
  • Factory floors, Restaurant Floors, Industrial and Commercial Floors
  • Detention Tanks, Pits
  • Block filling, Retaining walls

Colour Options

The colours shown here may have slight differences to the actual colour result achieved as we are using a natural product. Before commencing any work, we provide a custom sample for the customer to approve and we have the ability to change colours to suit your requirements. The colours shown below should be used as a guide.

Colour Options

Product Trademark Notice

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