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Polished Concrete

A quality concrete product offered by Artistique Concrete

The Polished Concrete process

Polished Concrete is a term that describes a glossy, decorative concrete option that leaves the concrete surface finish 'exposed' yet polished in appearance. The process of polishing is a multi-step process, and with this level of versatility, it allows a customer to choose the level of sheen (satin to high-gloss) to suit the application. It also offers a good alternative for customers who cannot afford (or don't wish to pay for) the more luxurious marble and granite floors, but want that same high class, mirror-like finish. Even with this high-gloss appearance, the floor is no more slippery than an average floor tile, and is extremely resistant to heavy foot traffic, furniture scratches and staining from spills; a main reason why polished floors are often selected as the floor surface in a warehouse. A polished floor also requires the application of a surface sealer or wax to protect and add a lustre to the finish.

Internal Marble Look Polished Concrete Floor

In the home, polished concrete floors are quite energy efficient and will assist with keeping the room temperature warm on a cool night, yet offer cool relief on a warmer sunny day. To keep the floor clean, all a customer needs to use is a duster or a mop with a neutral cleaner. As the floors surface is virtually smooth and less porois, it is harder for dust to become trapped. With regular cleaning, these floors will remain durable for many years.

Internal Stained Polished Concrete Floor

Polished Exposed Aggregate finishes can be achieved by using liquid polishes and latex coatings but are most commonly achieved by progressively grinding (with finer grades of grinding pads) to expose the aggregates. During this process, the final floor surface is polished and it also enables the ability to achieve pebble, rock or marble type floor appearances for a greatly reduced cost. We can add various colours and stains to achieve almost any desired effect. Timber, tile, brass and zinc components may be used to create paterns and glass can also be added for that translucant effect.

Acid Stained Texture Overlay - Internal Polished Concrete

Want a polished floor finish that looks as good as marble or granite?

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