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I decided to renovate the driveway and paths at the front of my house before I put it on the market. After viewing the portfolio, I selected the Black Opal textured stain finish for the driveways and paths. The results are simply amazing and it has added additional value to my initial real estate evaluation! I am making sure Artistique Concrete does the driveway and paths on my new property. Thank you Artistique Concrete!

Geoff Rodgers, Cherrybrook NSW.

We recently had a pool installed and I was not happy with the 'PebbleCrete' that was installed on the surrounds of the pool. It had started to crack and lift after only two months and was still a bt slippery when wet. I decided to contact Artistique Concrete and they have installed a beautiful, non-slip textured finish that looks stunning. All my friends comment and at first they all think that is it expensive tiling work, but they can't believe their eyes when they see it is acid stained concrete. I am recommending Artistique Concrete to all my friends who have a pool and want a great looking, hard wearing, non-slip surface.

Olivia Flinders, Abbotsbury NSW.

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