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Concrete Driveways

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Gone are the days where you had gravel or pebble driveways. Today, concrete driveways are growing more in popularity and many people are looking towards texture stained driveways as an alternative to paved driveways made with brick, stone pavers or natural stone. These stained driveways provide a very good looking and low maintenance solution while giving the appearance of a paving or pebbles.

Acid Stained Concrete Driveway

Why choose a Concrete Driveway?

A driveway paved with bricks, while hardwearing and attractive, can be very costly due to the amount of materials and labour required. Stone driveways are also hardwearing but are high-maintenance due to the need to re-apply a top-grade sealer regularly to protect the stones, thus making them costly. Concrete has now become the most popular driveway material. It's hardwearing, weather resistant and easy to maintain. You can have a myriad finishes including acid stained concrete patterns, pebble and stone patterns, as well as customised colours. You will also need to apply a sealer to concrete but much less regularly than stones. So, you can see that concrete is the most attractive and easiest to maintain driveway surface, with the most variety of options available.

Concrete Driveway

Want the most attractive concrete driveway in your street?

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